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Saturday Sharing: Raising talkers, dog camps, parenting poems, and more

Pagan Book Reviews discusses Secrets of the Lost Symbol, which is described as “an answer to Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol”.

Jennifer at Retrograde Learning writes about the importance of raising your kids to be readers and talkers.

Throughout Banned Books Week, Caroline at Children’s Books and More has been discussing various banned books. She also highlighted Place I Never Meant to Be, a collection of short stories written by censored writers.

Sandy at Cat Trees and Pet Supplies recently discovered dog camps – places for you to go on vacation with your canine buddy!

Have you ever had a pleasurable experience at the dentist? Alexandra at talleygilly has . . . and those experiences have led to a life lesson.

Samantha at What Little Things tells us exactly why we should visit Huancayo, Peru.

Shawna from I am that shares two contrasting poems of parenting.

Do you fit in? Paula at The Geeky Shopaholic doesn’t and she tells us why in this post.

Jared from Lick the Fridge explains that you should not do what he’s about to try to do – write a post a day for the month of October.

Need a few heartwarming life lessons? Check out The Real Sharon’s post about five very important ones.

Babette, The Passionate Librarian tells us how not to teach children to read – with boring, “bad” books.